What makes us different?

Anyone in this business will tell you that they make quality tooling to meet or exceed their customers requirements.  This is the bare minimum that any company should strive for.  We want your experience with K-K Tool to be more than just the minimum.  We are interested in building relationships with people and companies for the long haul and this is how we do it.

  • We are accessible throughout all stages of the project

From the very beginning of the quoting stage, through design, and into build and tryout we are available.  We are a phone call or email away and are always ready to help. We do not accept your Purchase Order and then just show up at your facility a couple of months later with a finished tool, hoping this is what you wanted.  We need your input along the way and are happy to share any information you may need during the course of the project.  We use Microsoft Project to generate a timeline for each job.  This information is sent weekly to customers to let them know exactly where the project is.

  • We absolutely stand behind our work

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a tool that works better than what you need.  The job is not over for us just because the tool ships to your facility.  We come on site to your location and assist in setup, tryout, and any debugging that may be necessary.  If in the future; you encounter a problem with any tool, we are just as ready and willing to help figure out how to get you up and going again.  We provide service calls and design assistance for any problems that may arise.